Morning mantra for today.  

I am beautiful with my glasses. I am beautiful without my glasses. I am beautiful.

Emily’s glasses get so much attention. Which is wonderful for a Little.  What happens if in 6 months our Patchwork means she doesn’t need them anymore. What happens when we outgrow our labels, those that were given to us and those that we have taken on? When we find a slightly different way of eating now serves us best? Heal our food sensitivities. Transform our dis-eases? Grow our business beyond a hobby we do with friends or suddenly find ourselves making more than our spouse…

That kind of growth and healing can take far more courage than sitting in our current normal.

Another label I’ve been given yet never identified with is “Lymie”.  Why would I accept into my very cells ownership of a dis-ease I have worked so hard to release?  I did fully embrace different paths to healing and even that actually slowed down my healing. When one path no longer served me fully, I stayed longer because I had taken on that way of eating/healing/being as part of my identity. Rather than a blessed tool to use when and how I needed, then gathering new tools as I grew and changed.  When I focused, shared and spoke more often about Lyme- I healed slowly. When I focused, shared, connected, and spoke about wellness, radiance, and healing- that is exactly what grew.

What we focus on is what we grow.

I am not my current situation. I am not a diagnosis or a statistic.  I am not even my genetic mix which gave me blonde hair, a height that means I can reach the coffee mugs in most kitchens as well as a methylation challenge.  We are each so much more.  

And if I cling to the now, whatever that may look like or be labeled, I don’t leave any space for what may be tomorrow.  

Absolutely do connect with community- it’s community that kept me going many times and I connect with daily. And, yes, we need labels to help us identify what we are commonly working on or for.  Gather together in support, share, and learn. And do not accept any label into the fiber of your being except one. Awesome. Always own your awesome.

PS Absolutely honored to have this original post shared by Medical Medium on their Instagram!