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One-On-One Consulting


Work With Me – One 1 Hour Session


Know you want a change and not sure where to start? Let’s talk.  In one focused hour, let’s lay it out on the table. Let’s find what’s blocking you. I will bet you a green smoothie that when we figure that out, we will be able come up with a starting point and get clear on where you want to go. It won’t be as hard as you think–I promise: because you won’t be doing it on your own.  Ready?  Let’s do this.


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Work With Me – Three 1 Hour Sessions


If you feel scattered or just plain un-grounded, it can be overwhelming to know where to start–and even more overwhelming to think of stepping out on your own once you do. Maybe that’s where you are right now.  Or maybe you are powering ahead but not gaining the ground you’d like to, throwing everything you’ve got at ‘it’ and wondering when it’s going to stick.  Finding traction doesn’t  happen if you are stuck at ‘start’–and it also doesn’t happen if you are running ahead without a clear, centered plan.  Incorporating self care, quieting the mind, clarifying your goal, we can come up with a plan and finally do it.  Let’s have three one-hour sessions by phone where we get quiet, get clear, and take action–Let’s step out with your dream at the center: clearly and boldly and together.


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Amy possesses a rare, but necessary combination of skills and gifts that can lead anyone to a healthier life, a more vibrant business and a clearer sense of purpose. She is intelligent, astute, pragmatic, compassionate and responsive. My small business is growing as a direct result of working with her, but I am also getting mentally, physically and fiscally healthier in the process. Where there was overwhelm and confusion, I have a strategy. Where there was judgement, I have support. I am very grateful for her sage gifts.