One way I’m trying to teach Emily her body was made to heal when given what it needs.  Plant based personal care can help create her highest level of wellness.  Essential oils being the highest level of plant based healing I can share with her.

We went through alllll the band aids. The pirate and the princess ones, too. With sensitive skin, it just wasn’t working for Emily. And so many bumps and scrapes don’t benefit from being trapped without air anyway.
So we made an Emily’s Blend.
We keep it out so Em can get it any time. When she bumps or notices a scrape (this week it was all of the above plus a splinter), she can safely grab her roller ball and support her body in doing what it was designed to do- heal.

This blend is dilluted for a 4-6yr old. Double the essential oils for an adult.
Supportive on scrapes and bruises alike.
1 roller ball
8 drops Lavender oil
2 drops Frankincense
Fill bottle with your fractionated coconut oil.

I also teach Em to apply the oils with intention. To say out loud or in her heart exactly how she wants the oils to support her. Just as I do.
Can I help answer questions on your own essential oil journey? I would just love to. Message me at and you can also search this blog for more. ❤️

Hugs and healing high fives,