My Sunday basket.

You know those 10 things on your to do list that distract us from the 3 that really need doing? Instead of stopping the flow of my day by hitting them one here, one there, they all go in the Sunday basket. For an hour or so on Sunday, I do them all in one swoop. 

A few things:

  • Pants that need a few stitches
  • Amazon return I can do online
  • Library cd that needs help
  • New tool i want to YouTube directions (Fascia Blaster!)
  • Preschool paperwork to finish
  • 10 post it notes of pure genius ideas I simply must do. (most get tossed by Sunday, a few are put on my calendar or in Google Keep for later reference)
  • “Congratulations” card I picked up at Trader Joe’s to add a note and mail
  • an essential oil recipe blend scrawled on a bank deposit note I want to share on the blog
  • An article my mom sent i want to read ( love Tap Root Magazine)
  • an empty goji berry bag to remind me to add Goji berries to my list
  • a soft, metallic gold nail polish an egg customer left as a tiny thank you and, darn it, this Sunday I will be painting my toes with it

Before anything gets tossed in the Sunday basket, I first determine…

  • it can wait until Sunday
  • it really, actually needs doing at all

… It feels so good to finish them without being distractions throughout the week. What would you put in your Sunday basket?