I get it. Trusting yourself can be scary.  Start with what you know. Keep going.

Learn to trust your body.

To trust yourself.  Working with me, your wellness provider, your doctor, LLMD…partnering with a professional that is there to support you and walk with you in your wellness is invaluable.  And yet.  Learning to trust yourself is an even greater gift and one that only makes those partnerships more effective in your own healing.

Choosing the right essential oils can feel overwhelming.

You don’t have to figure it out on your own. I’m here to help. And help empower you to make more and more choices for yourself that work for you. Right now. Wherever you are at in your wellness- or your business.  Want to talk more about working with me in learning to get quiet and listen?  Or adding essential oils into your life? I’d love to.  Send me a note at amyrenenewman@gmail.com and let’s begin the conversation.

xo, Amy