Little sleep (fishing season is in full swing) and getting a little bit cocky in my new greater wellness. Relaxing on my healing protocols I still very much need. It took a great deal of absolutely everything to get here. No plans to slide. So. Flooding my body with great waves of nourishing juice this weekend. Dirt (probiotics, live enzymes, minerals, prana) still clings to the food I know, the rest washed well.

Wellsville Welcome Juice

1/2 head celery

1/2 cup cilantro (not a daily food)

1 tomato

6 carrots, unpeeled if spray free

You could also blend in a high speed blender (add 2 cups water) for a fresh, raw soup!

How are you nourishing yourself today? ♡

PS Almost everything you see here was grown locally on the same farm Julias Juice Bar’s family runs and she uses as well. In 5 Cities? Stop by her place!

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