Q & A. “What is the one thing I can do to start____.”

Folks ask me what is that one thing to start growing their community, moving forward in healing, start feeling better in their body, lose weight, change their job into a business…The go to is, of course, drink 64oz of water a day, every day.

Or add a green smoothie (a real one. Not 6 bananas and 2 leaves of kale.)

Both will change your life. The real thing I start with? Quiet. Get quiet. It might look like knitting a familiar pattern on the porch. A day trip to Big Sur. Great starts. And 5 precious minutes. Alone. Just you and your quieting mind. Every day. That’s where not only real change will begin, it’s where the true answers will come as well. Start with 5 minutes every day.

And watch the magic begin.