First, I don’t always buy organic.

For many reasons and I’m sure you have your own. Never judgment. I do try to buy mostly organic and this is why. Organic foods have been found to be higher in micronutrients that we can measure easily like vitamins and minerals. The increase doesn’t dollar for dollar equal, though. An organic food may have 20% more nutritional content yet cost twice as much. With that in mind, you could simply buy and eat more nonorganic produce getting your vitamins and minerals while still saving money.

Yet there’s more to it. It’s the antioxidant levels that are 20 to 40% or even higher in organic produce and it’s antioxidants that we are spending huge amounts on in pill and even intravenous form like vitamin C, A, lycopene, and countless others. These are the powerhouse components that fight cellular damage and help your body heal. I know in my bones there is an additional energetic property from plants that can be raised or lowered by where and how it is grown.

Organic produce (a convoluted term as many farmers far exceed Federal organic standards yet do not pay or can’t afford the extremely high cost to get that label), also saves your sweet body the burden of dealing with pesticide and chemical fertilizers.

And then there’s the farmers who work in the fields and what their bodies are exposed to daily.

Do what you can. Maybe this spring, you’ll commit to organic berries. Come summer, spray free tomatoes. We don’t all have the same access. I get that. Do what you can. Let the rest go. Then come back again and do a little more.

Locals, I was stoked to find this abundant organic section at our locally owned Spencers Market in Morro Bay! Xo