I like where I’m at. I really like where I’m going.

Yet right now… I’m thinking hard about just right now. Our days are good and pausing the intensive treatment for Lyme dis-ease seems to have been a very good plan. Yet pain levels are creeping back up, getting in the way.


I’m focusing on one big goal and one goal to support it. If I put every piece of my life in a slice of pie, first of all it would be an olallieberry pie, second, there would be about five slices. Spirituality. Family. Health/Wellness. Business/Purpose. Fun/Free. Most often, I am focusing on all in a fluctuating rhythm (i no longer believe in a perpetual balance or killing my sweet thyroid in it’s pursuit).

Sometimes, one pops up as needing much more of me. A child in a particularly challenging phase. A marriage in a particular phase. Launching a new part of a business. A new diagnosis or a profound, greater understanding. When that happen, I focus greatly on that one. And choose one other to support it that does not come naturally.

If it’s a child in need and the marriage would be neglected, the B goal would be dedicated time on the marriage as well. If it’s a business/career push and the home tends to stay neat enough but self care goes out the window, then self care (health/wellness) is the B goal. The A goal is the great big need, the B goal is whatever I naturally let slide and need accountability with a game plan. In these times, C, D, and E, are downsized, outsourced, and minimally managed. It helps to already have systems in place.

For me, right now, I created ten 10 day mini goals to total 100 days of vibrant wellness. My B goal is my writing and my writing projects. Projects that bring me a different kind of vibrancy, yet might be put off until a better time. There is no better time to keep moving forward on the things that make you feel alive.

Yes. Be there when your kids need you.

Take care of your body when challenges come up. And. Do the thing. In little bits or an afternoon at a time, do the thing that feeds your soul.

Do you have a B goal that keeps being put off? What would it feel like to just begin it?